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Welcome to Cupcakes Of Thought - a sort of electronic commonplace book: a random gallimaufry of bite-size spiritual nosegays to nourish, delight, challenge... I hope you'll want to keep in touch: you can click the button in the sidebar to receive emails to tell you when I've posted something, but I'd really love you to follow my blog The Love That Moves The Sun, so I've put the "following widget" there. It's easy to click from the blog home page to here and see the latest addition.

So why cupcakes? I was writing something serious, but trying to do it in a hurry. Not a good combination... I was saying something about "negative cycles of thought" but I must have typed the word "cycles" wrongly and my good old iPad tried its best to make sense of it. A quick glance showed no red lines under any of the words so I hit Send.  Later, much later, I realised I'd written about CUPCAKES of thought.  For a moment I cringed in embarrassment but then I laughed... And I decided the phrase was too good to waste. 

I often describe myself as a magpie. I love to collect snippets - words and phrases that touch my heart and catch my imagination. Some make me smile, some challenge me, all inspire (in the sense that I breathe them in, and in some mysterious "gaseous exchange" they nourish and become part of me.)

But I've not been very systematic about keeping them. They exist as a haphazard collection of scraps of paper, pencilled underlinings in books, iNotes and Kindle highlights. So during a staycation in the summer of 2013 I decided to do something about that and begin putting my favourites quotations together. Then I wondered if others might like to share them, and then I remembered the cupcakes... (As a blogging friend put it: "As cupcakes are basically fancy fairy cakes and quite small, any blog with that title would have to have very short almost bite-size posts!")

There won't be a new one every day. I hope there will be a couple each week but I can't promise. I'll label them by author and subject (and because I work with Ignatian spirituality there'll be another label if a quotation seems to fit with part of the Spiritual Exercises) but this will remain a random, eclectic and completely subjective collection.

And so here it is... To nourish, delight and make you think, I hope. Rilke said (of an ancient statue) "There is no place in it which does not see you. You must change your life." I think this is true of words as well as the visual arts - which is why the practice of Lectio Divina can be so radically transforming.

Keep in touch
If anything I've chosen resonates with you, or sparks a train of thought, please leave a comment. I'll read them all.

I'll share all I know about where each quotation comes from, but this will vary. I glean my cupcakes in different ways, so for some there will be details of good old-fashioned books (maybe even the odd page number) while for others there will be a link to where I found it on the Internet - probably the start of a long trail!  And some will come from grubby bits of paper, or have been passed on by a friend, or from the deep recesses of my memory.  If you have any information about the source of anything do please share it via the comment box.

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These are all quotations that have touched my heart, one way or another. I'd really love to hear what they say to you, so please use the comment box to share.